Peace Is A Haiku Song Concert

Sunday, October 12
3pm – 5pm

The musical composition will be a meditation on the theme of peace. Original themes and rhythms were composed using various representations of the numbers 5 and 7, alluding to the form of the Haiku. A Buddhist chant as well as bird songs are also woven into the music, furthering the mediative quality suggested by the mural and the nature of Haiku. Finally, improvisation plays a key role in the performance of the piece- a reflection on themes of impermanence as well as trust, listening and cooperation- all keys to building peace.

Peace Is A Haiku Song Image

The work is scored for Guitar, EWI, Syntheszier, electronics and Percussion. The composers for the Oct. 12 concert, who are creating new music and connection with the surrounding community are: Andrew Bleckner, Lucas Brown, Evan Solot, Ami Yares, and Bobby Zankel.

The concert will take place rain or shine, is child friendly and is free. There will be seating.

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Lucas Brown, Composer and Musician:
“As a musician, having the opportunity to compose music inspired by the mural “Peace is a Haiku Song” was a perfect way to demonstrate the power of music.  Sharing music with others can build peace and forge connections but making music together is, to me, even more powerful.  When we perform together, we must listen to, trust, and cooperate with one another.  When my musicians get together to perform this work, we won’t be sure exactly how it will turn out but we will work together for a common goal and a beautiful outcome.  What could be a better exercise in building peace than this?”

About The “If You Could Hear These Walls” initiative
This initiative, of which this concert is one of 3, is about experiencing Philadelphia murals in unexpected ways through music – transforming the perception of murals from mere public art into valuable community gathering places. It’s about connecting composers with people that live near the murals and helping the communities further explore their identity.

A collaboration between the American Composers Forum, Philadelphia Chapter and the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program, the project features 14 composers writing new compositions in various genres for three iconic murals. In addition to writing new music, they will turn their talents towards the residents of the diverse communities around the murals and offer workshops, classes, and lessons on music performance and composition.

Peace Day Philly 2014

Our great thanks to the many organizations and individuals that made Peace Day Philly 2014 an inspiring and peacebuilding time for Philly and the region!  Bwlow is the google calendar for 2014 just to give a sense of the kind of diverse programming that took place. Mark your calendars for Sept. 21, 2015!