Education for Partnership Between Jews and Palestinians in Israel

November 18, 2014
Drexel University School of Education presents:
Sowing Seeds of Change? Education for Partnership Between Jews and Palestinians in Israel
Guest Speaker: Karen Ross, Ph.D., University of Massachusetts–Boston

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Drexel’s Global Education Colloquium conducts a monthly Brown Bag Lunch Series that features a distinguished speaker and lively discussion.

Sixty years after Israel’s establishment, tensions between Jewish and Palestinian citizens continue to simmer. The instability caused by these tension looms over Israeli society, creating an ongoing threat of violent conflict. To counter these tensions, bi-national encounter programs have brought together Palestinian and Jewish citizens to for decades. While they have been the subject of much academic research, it is still unclear whether or how these programs might play a role in reducing tensions and preventing future violence. Dr. Ross’s research addresses this gap in knowledge by drawing on case studies of Sadaka Reut and Peace Child Israel, two veteran organizations implementing bi-national encounter programs.

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Peace Day Philly 2014

Our great thanks to the many organizations and individuals that made Peace Day Philly 2014 an inspiring and peacebuilding time for Philly and the region!  Bwlow is the google calendar for 2014 just to give a sense of the kind of diverse programming that took place. Mark your calendars for Sept. 21, 2015!